Try to make sense of this coozy label. It is nonsense!

Alcoholics can order Pina Colada or Margarita.


Rappers Wanted
rappers wanted.

people who come downtown without an idea for something fun to do there might find this sign useful:

thanks to Jimm Lasser for pointing the above sign out to me.

below: i wonder if anyone has found a pibull? maybe they made the pitbull make its own sign. on the plus side, this sign does appear to be very well attached to the pole.

the above three pictures were part of my first roll of film photos in a few years. i think they look pretty good! especially for a camera that cost $2.99.

some pictures i've taken of some signs. i didn't make these signs. did i take these pictures because i am envolved in advertising now? maybe. should i have begun the word "envolved" with an i instead of an e? yes.

"new jazz philosophy tour?" presented by cigarettes? what in the hell is going on here? i have not called 800.811.6961.

let's swim! you have light bulbs for thumbs!

oh good! yard sale, guns and tools.

i am skeptical as to this signs degree of humor content.




gravity has overtaken the oregon health plan glasses sign! it is relentless! a fun thing to note about this one is the little permit sticker on the upper left of the sign. that is a permit for the sign, and it costs money to keep it current.

this is my favorite sign. i like it so much that it sometimes enters my normal conversation. when i say normal i mean "everyday" or "typical." the command "do not ask why." thank you for it, mini mart.

from context that that this photo doesn't really convey, i gathered that the question you're not supposed to ask is, "is that trailer for sale?"


i will try, gigantic bread factory.